February 2016 24 Day challenge

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Are you ready to take the 24 day challenge?

The Challenge is a fun and simple way to reach or start working towards your health goals.  Whether you want to lose some weight, get fitter healthier or drop body fat for ready for the summer then the challenge is the perfect way to start, just lke 100's of other have previously.

For 24 Days you'll follow a personalised plan set by your experienced Challenge Coach, they will talk to you about your goals, agree a diet plan and if desired an exercise programme which you follow as closely as you can for the course of the challenge.

Your coach will either set your programme at our base in Rhiwbina Cardiff at an agreed location.  The challenge is run remotely so there's no commitment to be some where every week, simply hook up face to face or online to suit your need.

Each day you'll have access to education and support on your diet, nutrition and living a healthier active lifestyle through our secret Facebook groups and regular communication with your coach.  For those wishing to follow an exercise programme there will be regular suggest plans and routines to follow, whilst others starting their health journey my simply choose to increase their weekly movement by including a walk or two.

The cost of the challenge is just £6 and this money goes towards the prize fund for the winner of the challenge.  Any money left over is given to local charity as selected by the Challenge members.

There is no obligation to make further purchases or use any specfic products, the advice and plans given will allow you reach your goals.  The winner(s) will be jusdged solely on the measurements and results as determined by the organising coaches.

Joining the Challenge is simple, get in touch with Tracy or Jonathan Gibbs via phone or text on 07970 690 299.

Although anyone can join by submitting their starting and finishing statistics from a Body Fat analysis machine such as the ones in local Boots Chemists, 1-2-1 appointments and weekly weigh in's are only available in Cardiff, including Cardiff North, Rhiwbina, Whitchurch, Cardiff Bay and Thornhill.

Take a few minutes to hear from people that took the challenge and acheived their goals.