What do I need to attend a FitClub

Free Exercise at FitCLub with 24sports.tv

So how does FitClub work and what do I need to do attend?

First of all remember 24sports.tv FitClub is free exercise for all to join in with.

All you have to do to attend FitClub is come along at the appropritate time and venue near you.

Simply try to arrive 5-10 minutes before the published time in clothes you feel comfortable to exercise in.  You might also find it useful to bring a water bottle to keep you cool and hydrated during the session.

Each session takes about 5 mininutes to warm up and another 5 minitues to cool down then the core exercise will last around 30-40 minutes.

All we ask is you bring a big smile, a great can do attitude and we'll do the rest.

Never mind how little or often you exercise, we'll make it fun, suitable to your ability and effective so you'll feel the benefit.

After each FitClub session, we break off to our Active Nutrition Session for recovery shakes and nutritional advice.  This is a completely optional activity.  The first time you attend an active nutrition session it is free, then there is a small charge each time you attend to cover the cost of the recovery shakes.

Remember FitClub is free.  Should you have any health concerns about exercising before you attend please check with your Doctor.

Whatever your health and fitness goals are we really look forward to helping you and being part of your success.

See you soon at FITCLUB.