Steve Christie

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Steve Christie was looking for extra income when he discovered Herbalife, he then started on a weight-loss program, lost 42lbs (20 kilos) of fat and gained lots of energy. When friends and family noticed the difference and wanted the same results he started his business as a Herbalife Independent Distributor.

Steve has gone from being overweight and having to catch his breath at the top of the stairs in 2002, to running a marathon in 2011, he has been active in runs and mini triathlons during that time.

Over the years Steve has completed numerous Herbalife training courses and has gained great wellness knowledge, enabling him to look after many clients and help them achieve their goals of losing weight or simply achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Steve is passionate about his business and says “My goal is to be helping at least 24 people get into a healthy active lifestyle every month and help at least 2 people do the same as I am doing, becoming independent Wellness Coaches or Sports / Personal Trainers at the same time”