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Purchase CR7 Drive Packets online, fast deliveryNew to the Herbalife range CR7 Drive packets.

Cristiano Ronaldo's favorite hydration drink is now available in convenient, easy-to-use packets in his favored flavor, Acai Berry. With two servings per packet, they are perfect for everyone that is always on the move. 

Hear from Dr. John Heiss, Ph.D., Senior Director, Sports and Fitness, Worldwide Product Marketing, and lead developer of Herbalife24, how CR7 Drive can help you hydrate and fuel your workouts - no matter the intensity or your fitness level. #CR7Drive #HydrationOnTheGo
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The new CR7 Drive products and merchandise supplied exclusively through Independent Herbalife Members.  Email to discover how you could purchase a licence to distribute CR7 in your area. Purchase CR7 Drive Packets on our online store