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CR7 Drive Business Opportunity with Herbalife24

Join in the CR7 Drive Hypotonic Sports Drink Opportunity
You are invited to the launch of the CR7 Drive sports drink business opportunity launch in Cardiff on Tuesday 20th Oct 2015.  6.45-8pm - tickets are free.  contact Jon Gibbs 07970 690 299
If you are involved in sport or looking for an opportunity to make addition income, the new Cristiano Ronaldo and Herbalife24 CR7 Drive sports drink offer an exciting opportunity.  This world class sports Hypotonic provides everyone the chance to partner with two leading brands in their market place.
Whether you are looking to make some extra income to finance some additional lifestlye, raise money for your sports club or if you are looking to create a serious full time income and residual income then the CR7 Drive and Herbalife opportunity has something to offer you.
Cristiano Ronaldo has an incredible social profile providing an worldwide following and and marketing reach, with more than 32 Million Instagram followers, 38 million twitter fans and 1 million page likes on Facebook Ronaldo is the perfect match for Herbalife a leader in world nutrition with more than $7 billion dollars annually in suggest retail sales in more than 95 countries and with many more sports nutrition products in the Herbaife24 range all tested by Informed Sports CR7Drive the market potential is endless.
To discover more we recommend you join us on our first Online CR7 Drive opportunity presentation on Tuesday 20th October 2015 at 6.45pm.  The presentation lasts around 60 minutes for details of the event or too obtain a free ticket message Jon Gibbs at or call/text 07970 690 299.
As CR7 Drive has only been available in since the 26th September 2015 you may not yet have heard or tried the product.  To learn more please watch the video below or order some to try at our online store.
We look forward to presenting to you on the webinar and speaking to you soon.