Ed Joyce - Sussex CCC & England

Ed Joyce Cricketer talks about Herbalife Nutrition

Ed Joyce England & Sussex County Cricket Club Player

Ed has been a leading cricketer for many years and has played at the highest levels, playing over 30 times on the international stage. 

This true all rounder has the usual advantage of being a left handed batsman whilst being a right handed bowler. 

Being involved in both disciplines of batting and bowling getting the right nutrition before during and after a game is essential to continued success.

Having been introduced to the Herbalife product range at Sussex Cricket Club where Herbalife are the official nutritional sponsors this is what he has to say about his experience.

“During our busy season we regularly play 5-6 days a week. As a result of
this it is easy to become dehydrated. I use H30 as I can take it both during
an innings and back in the changing room after. I have found it to be very
effective in helping my recovery, it genuinely tastes good too.”

During a physical actively keeping hydrated is an essential part of maintaining a high level of performance.  Herbalife CR7 Drive sports Hypotonic is perfect for ensuring the body remains hydrated especially during long periods of fielding or batting. 

Herbalife also provide a product called Hydrate which comes from the Herbalife 24 range.

Herbalife nutriton can be purchased from our online store