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Improve your personal and team performance on the cricket field this season! Free Sports Drink Sampling.

Long gone is the myth Cricket isn’t a challenging sport,  in fact cricket puts the body under more stress than most sports. Hour’s in the sun (or cold British summers) brings its own challenges.

Long sessions on your feet, short sharp sprints in the field or endurances sessions bowling, batting or behind the stumps will take their toll.  Dips in energy, loss of concentration or attacks of cramp could all be a thing of the past.

This preseason, we are offering the opportunity to learn how both on and off the field hydration and nutrition can improve on field performance and post game recovery.

We currently have several sampling sessions which are usually held at nets, for coaches and players to sample a range of different products that can help enhance their game,  including the exciting on field sports drink CR7 Drive developed specifically to help Cristinao Ronaldo enhance his performance and concentration.   

During or after the session, there’s an opportunity to discuss how these products work and which ones are best for different players.  For those players wishing to take a more in depth review of their overall nutrition and discover how simple improvements in their diet can help even further they can book a free evaluation and examine their overall nutritional needs can improve fitness.

At each sampling session will provide a range of different products all designed to help with different nutritional needs during a game. The products in the Herbalife24 range are free of any band substances and are listed on Informed Sports.

Sampling can include:

CR7 Drive for CricketCR7Drive, cheaper than other popular sports drinks, CR7 Drive aids, hydration, provides energy for explosive sessions such as batting or bowling, helping avoid cramp and improve concentration. It has a pleasing light Acai Berry flavour making it easy to drink and digest.

Liftoff , a natural energy drink perfect for that boost in energy and concentration.

Herbalife 24 Hydrate, part of the professional sports nutrition range that helps avoid dehydration, especially good for long periods on the field in hot weather to help avoid cramp.

Protein bars, one of the most popular products in the range.  These versatile snacks are packed with protein and provide a boost to blood sugar levels.

Herbalife 24 Rebuild Endurance,  this product aids recovery after prolonged sessions of cardio activity, including battling, bowling or keeping wicket.  This is the perfect solution for all-rounder’s that have had a strenuous first innings and need to go again after the break.  This is also ideal for players looking to play back to back weekend games  who maybe suffer with sore muscles post game.

The benefits of sampling will allow different team members the opportunity to understand what nutrition or hydration could help them best.

Opening bats that have just spent 3 hours at slip under the hot sun (or spring cold) are going to have different challenges to the day they bat first

An all-rounder, be it a batman’s/wicket keeper or batman’s/bowler, will have different needs based on batting or bowling first and the length of an innings or spell with the ball.

For those choosing to use our products long term they are very affordable and there’s even a wholesale option so players/clubs can get them at the best prices or raise some money for new equipment or tour, simply by purchasing products more suited to their needs.

Contact Jonathan Gibbs on 07970 690 299 or email at and discover why the likes of Virat Kolhi and Sussex Sharks have chosen Herbalife Nutrition and CR7 Drive as their nutritional partners.  

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