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24Sports and Witness The Fitness proud to be part of the Herbalife & Herbalife24 and we are a movement members working on our #Level10, health and fitness. There are no rules, we break them. There are no doubts, we believe bigger than you beleive in you. It’s time, right now, to express yourself, to be yourself, to and Witness The Fitness. Whatever pumps you up and inspires you to shine…CAPTURE IT NOW.


  1. Create a compelling video or photograph showing how you express yourself. At the gym, at home, out with your friends, or anywhere you do it best.
  2. Tag #expressyourself24 & #WTF24Expression on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
  3. Tag your peeps and invite them to JOIN THE MOVEMENT.
  4. Spread the message of how you express yourself throughout the world of #Herbalife24 and beyond.

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