Herbalife SKIN Business Opportunity

SKIN care business opportunity new to the UK & Ireland

Launched in Prague’s Extravaganza September 2014, Herbalife SKIN is the revolutionary new skin care product already taking North America by storm and opportunities for distribution now exist in Europe the UK & Ireland.

Herbalife SKIN is an amazing opportunity to be of this exciting business.  With the Skin care industry already worth £billions in the UK alone this clinically proven product provides any one with a passion for business, health or beauty the chance to share in the success of this range. 

With 11 products in the SKIN care range system, there is a product or solution for anyone.

As a member of the SKIN team you will benefit from the support of the UK marketing and training structure, have access to top quality materials and a commercial arrangement allowing the resale or distribution of these plus the rest of the Herbalife product range. 

If you are interested in simply trailing these products or become part of the UK and Europe’s distribution and network development team please send details of your enquiry to gibbs@24sports.tv.  

To purchase a 7 day results challenge kit please follow the link to our online store.