Caroline Quinn Witness The Fitness 24

Caroline Quinn WTF24 Scotland EdinburghHi everyone and welcome to Edinburgh's Witness the Fitness group.  It has never been a better time to take a look around the page and join us.  What a amazing journey we are having in Edinburgh.  Working with the local community helping improve their lifestyles, by introducing the Worlds Leading Nutritional Products and encouraging people to join us in our local free exercise groups. Through the Free Fit Club and Sunday Walk Club the community has truly gathered together and started to create a solid foundation for a healthier active lifestyle, not only for themselves but their family and friends.  

As a World Team Member within Herbalife I enjoy nothing more than helping support and motivate my clients/family and friends achieve their health and nutritional goals.  I have extensive knowledge on our amazing product range which allows me to really work on a one to one basis and ensure people are receiving the right nutritional programme for their needs.   Along with this I have helped  others create a income from our Gold Standard business opportunity.

If you are looking for that one on one support with Herbalife products or would like to consider our fantastic business opportunity them please do not hesitate to contact me on 07943 239 302 or email Twitter  
CarolineQuinn Herbalife Distributor Edinburgh Scotland