About Us

24Sports.TV24Sports.TV is a group of Independent Herbalife distributors and professionally qualified personal trainers.  The objective at 24Sports.TV is to help and support people with their health and fitness objectives.  Whether you are a professional or semi professional athlete, a keen amateur or someone starting out, we provide a range of information, videos and advice to help achieve your goal.

You will find a wealth of information, from videos, library pictures and interactive forums. Our aim is to provide you with interesting, factual and practical advice, allowing you to choose your personal goals.

Each one of our independent personal trainers will regularly post their own personal videos and advice.  They all have their own specialty, there may be one that appeals to your chosen discipline more, so stay tuned and you will receive some of the most cutting edge training techniques and nutritional advice.  

Behind the scenes our top nutritionalists provide us with valuable dietary and nutritional information to help you achieve your goals.  Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or train for a marathon or triathlon, there is always information and advice to help you achieve your chosen goals.

As Independent Herbalife Distributors we are able to offer all the products from the range including Herbalifes professional sports nutrition range Herbalife24 which is certified to be free of listed banned substances.

If you are a trainer and want to join our team drop use a line at trainers@24sports.tv