James Lorey Joins 24Sports.TV

24Sports.tv has once again been fortunate enough to sign up a top professionals to their 24Sports team.  Each of the following professional sports trainers join us with skills that are not already featured by us.

Gemma Petty James Lorey Herbalife24

James Lorey joins us highly recommended within the fitness world, his credentials speak for themselves and his reputation precedes him, having worked with many of the leading fitness operators in the UK.  James is experienced in many disciplines to many to mention, but the one you will see him training on most will be one of the latest crazes used by top celebrity trainers – Powerplates.  James is always the professional and has already many of our younger viewers and personal trainers alike, looking up to him.

James is always keen to help anyone who needs it, offering sound nutritional and fitness advice, everything he advises on he always insists on trialling on himself before offering it to his clients, right down to what nutritional advice he gives.  James joins our team with that in mind having trialled many other nutritional brands he felt that Herbalife scored highest on value for money, range of diet and sports products and of course the science, quality and care behind the products.  James believed that if it was good enough for 40,000 millions users and top athletes like Lionel Messi it was good enough for him and his clients.

So we would like to once again welcome our new recruits to our ever expanding 24Sports team and wish them the best of luck on their quest to making us live a longer and healthier life.


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