Herbalife24 Rugby - Teaghan Price - Durban South Africa

Herbalife 24 launches in South Africa

November 2011 Herbalife launched their exciting new professional sports nutrition range Herbalife24 at it's annual national meeting in Johanesburg.

24Sports.TVSeveral 1000's Herbalife Distributors witnessed the launch of Herbalife 24 which followed the USA and European launches earlier this year. 

The 1st stage of the South Africa product launch includes five products, Formula 1 Sport, Herbalife24 Prolong, Rebuild Strength (featured in the photo inset), Rebuild Endurance and Hydrate.  

In the featured picture is Teaghan Price of Rovers Club, Durban South Africa an exciting up and coming player.  Teaghan who is just 21 is amongst some of the first athletes in South Africa to use the Herbalife24 product range.

Teaghan uses Formula 1 Sport and both Rebuild Endurance for after game recovery and Rebuild Strength for post strength training.

Teaghan quotes "Herbalife24 provides me a natural and balanced range of high quality protein, carbohydrate mix and essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.  The added confidence of having a tested product against the banned substances list is reassuring as I develop my rugby career."

www.24sports.tv wishes Teaghan all the best for the 2012 season.*

The Herbalife 24 range can be purchased by emailing trainers@24sports.tv.

For people interested in becoming distributors of Herbalife24 for 24sports.tv please visit www.24sportsopportunity.tv for more information.

*Since this article was first published Teagan has moved to the UK and is now playing Swansea Rugby Football Club in South Wales.