Wayne Robbins Herbalife Cardiff Triathlon

Wayne Robbins Shane Williams Jonathan Gibbs Cardiff Triathlon 2016 SwimBeing active and exercising regularly had been something that I had really enjoyed throughout my 20s & 30s. I was a very active member of the local circuit training club and particularly enjoyed going out running around the countryside. My healthy active lifestyle had kept me in reasonable shape, at this point of my life I really had no proper understanding of what a healthy balanced eating was, and figured if I just kept training I would be ok as time passed by.

This philosophy proved me wrong after I hit the big FOUR O, there started to become a very visible weight gain and was finding it harder and harder to lose the gained weight no matter how hard I trained at the circuit club. I thought that increasing the running distance was the answer so slowly increased the distances, my fitness appeared to be improving and my times were getting faster, but unfortunately the waistline was not getting smaller. The moment came when I thought to myself, well this is what happens when you get into your forties, so continued to keep the exercise going, eat (what I thought to be healthy foods) throughout the week and then really go mad at the weekends with alcohol and takeaways.... thinking that Monday would be the day that everything gets back on track.

At the age of 43 I decided to take up Half Marathon running, something I had always had a strong ambition to do. My son was now a teenager and a very good footballer and he to enjoyed running and cycling, and would often join me occasionally. So we decided to enter the Llanelli Half Marathon and run our first event together. We took some advice put a training plan together and got stuck into it. After about 3/4 weeks it was obvious to see that we were both improving from a fitness point of view but for me the weight was still a sticking point, because when I look back I had actually not done a thing to improve my diet and still played hard at the weekends.

Wayne Robbins Herbalife Triathlon Cardiff Bike 2016 Olympic DistanceOur first Half Marathon was a triumph, I completed the 13.1 mile route with a time of 1hr 54mins and my son Jack 1hr 45mins, we were both ecstatic and went straight to the pub to celebrate. We continued to take part in more Half Marathon events, but now mysteriously to me I was getting slower, and had actually gained 2 stone over that 2 year period, hitting 15 stone. Again looking back I eat what I thought was healthy and kept on drinking at the weekends, and the exercise was the answer to all of my weight issues.

It was June 2012, and Jack and I had booked into run the Cardiff Half Marathon later on in September of that year. I was in Spain for 10 days to celebrate my pending 46th birthday, and I received an e.mail message that invited me to go along to a Herbalife Opportunity Event close to my home in South Wales. This e.mail got my attention for a very important reason, I had been a Mortgage Director of a small financial services practice where the impact of the current recession had had a massive impact on my income and the whole future of the company was in jeopardy. I had come across the company many years before and I was very keen to discover how I could make an additional £1000 per month to help me with the situation that I was in. Right away I replied and accepted the invitation and actually flew back to the UK on my birthday and attended the event the following morning at 9:00am.

Little did I know that morning how that simple e.mail was going to change my life both physically and financially forever. At the reception desk I met a lady called Angharad, who took my details and introduced me to some of the other guests and one or two of the Herbalife Team. There was a table of product samples and we all quickly tucked in tried them out, and shortly after got asked to take our seats ready for the presentation. I sat there and listened to the speakers and really started to realise that these products were exactly what I needed to help combat my weight problem. It was the final speaker of that morning that really got me and made me realise where I had been going wrong for all those previous years. He came from a nutrition background and went into detail of how these products could not only help me lose weight, but reduce body fat and build lean muscle....I was in..

I met the person who had invited me a couple of days later, and signed up to the opportunity immediately, and could not wait for my pack of products to arrive. When they did, I started to see and feel the difference straight away, and very quickly lost 7lbs, and soon went on to lose 28lbs and had never felt better. Smaller, slimmer bouncing with energy and smiling all of the time, I was on top of the world. My personal results had got the attention of my family and friends and very soon my business took off.Wayne Robbins Herbalife 24 Cardiff Bridgend Triathlon 2016

That was 4 years ago I my feet have not touched the ground, the experiences the opportunity had given me, the countries that I have been to has been mind blowing. But the biggest achievement of all for me since that morning in Swansea, has been to get into great shape in my late 40s and actually maintain it and actually have never felt so fir in all of my life. Now the time has come to mark my 50th birthday, and for me now there is no better way than to take part in my first ever Triathlon, just 4 days after the big day. Not a regular Triathlon, but an Olympic Triathlon, which consists of 1500m open water swim, followed by a 40k cycle ride and finished with a 10k run. I know have a better understanding of good nutrition healthy eating and more importantly how to get the balance of nutrition and exercise right.

My 50th year  and birthday celebrations are certainly going to unbelievable, thanks to all I have learnt over the past 4 years

Wayne Robbins
Independent Herbalife Member