Level 10 Challenge South Wales February 2015

24 Day Challenge

Jonathan & Tracy Gibbs are proud to launch our next Level 10 Challenge starting on the 27th February 2015 and is free to enter.  There's no obligation to buy products, we just ask ask you enjoy the experience and work towards your personal goals.

The challenge offers members the opportunity to lose weight and get fitter in 90 days and the winner receives over £750 in prize money with a first prize of more than £10,000 and a all expenses trip to LA.

For more information contact a Jonathan to reigster on 07970690299 or email j.gibbs@24sports.tv.

The 90 Day Challenge is really simpe, agree with your Coach a programme of "Move More, Eat Better and Love Life" for 90 days and follow the plan.

Your Coach will offer you a Wellness Evaulaton which includes a body analysis on our Tanita Scales.  The Tanita scales provides measurement including your weight, percentage body fat, hydration levels and metabolic age. 

All these measurements can be used to help you hit your goal and measure your success.

As part of the challenge you'll also have access to our Private Facebook Group which provides daily motivation, advice and support from our Coaches plus interaction with other 90 Day Challenge Members.

For more details email j.gibbs@24sports.tv

For more details on NPT Level 10 please click here.